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SoundShores - Re-imagining CAMHS

‘Sound Shores’ is a safe space for young people to openly discuss mental health and well-being matters without stigma or bias.

This project explores how the built environment can impact and influence our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. Sound Shores aims to be a space between school/work and home. Instead, it acts as a place that serves as a haven to escape.

With mental illness being a growing issue amongst young people, sound shores will provide a space that will encourage healing and mental wellness through different design elements.

This is a collaborative project with CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) in Ayr, and so their beliefs and existing ethos remain consistent throughout. A thriving space for young people, children, parents, and staff has been created using colour theory, viewpoints, and several spatial outcomes.

This project comes to life in the vacant elms court hotel in Ayr. This is due to its central location and accessibility. However, Ayr’s shorefront has been influential throughout the entire design process, from colour to shapes to layout.

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Screenshot 2022-07-11 025628.png
Screenshot 2022-07-11 025700.png
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